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Last September, Livingston Parish School Board member Kellee Hennessy Dickerson vocally opposed a sales tax hike for the parish. Hennessy Dickerson immediately became the target of an ethics attack. The school sales tax was defeated soundly in an election held on March 25th launching the school board into a series of controversial meetings throughout the spring of this year. “When I made a video last September stating the school system's wasteful spending and blatant policy violations, I was told that there would be a price to pay.” Kellee Hennessy Dickerson stated. “They cannot intimidate me. I will not back down and I will never stop fighting for the people I represent,” she added. The ethics claim involves a minor process regarding the way Live Oak High School hired an agriculture teacher to remove a series of trees contiguous to the school's campus. Even though Hennessy Dickerson didn’t select Doiron, she was unaware that he was ineligible as a Live Oak High School vendor. Doiron was the lowest bidder, and completed the work in a more than satisfactory manner. “Ms. Dickersons’ approval of the work performed by Mr. Doiron on behalf of the school board does not constitute a violation of any regulation, and certainly is not unethical,” said Gray Sexton, attorney to Hennessy-Dickerson. “It is unfortunate that the Board of Ethics has taken the position that she has done anything wrong or unethical. She has not, and, to the contrary, her actions were entirely appropriate under the circumstances, and manifestly in the best interest of the school system,” added Sexton. The legal climate in Livingston Parish has been rocky throughout 2023 for conservatives elected to office. “In Livingston Parish, the big developers and specific individuals controlling the

school system think they control everything and everyone. They believe an elected official’s only job is to service their bottom lines. But not me.” Hennessy Dickerson stated. “When you get in the way of that, they resort to lawsuits and

ethics claims as retaliation. You can see this same sort of weaponized lawsuit activity against the parish council or anyone who stands up to the political establishment,” said added. “And when these lawsuits or ethics violations come into play, they always have a way of connecting back to the corruption and those Puppet Masters who are pulling the strings.” said Hennessy Dickerson. “Follow the dollars" Kellee Hennessy Dickerson is involved in a high-profile race for State Representative in District 64. The election will be held on October 14th.





**Kellee Hennessy Dickerson’s attorney Gray Sexton was called “the face of ethics in Louisiana for four decades” by the Baton Rouge Business Report. He served as the general counsel for the Louisiana Board of Ethics for 40 years.

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