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A Strong Conservative Voice 

for You in the Legislature


Your Voice at the Capitol

“I am a Christian, a Conservative, and a Public Servant who will fight for what’s right and moral for our people.”

As your State Representative, I will...

  • Work to improve education for all of our children by improving curriculum and less state and governmental mandates, While fighting for pay raises for teachers and support staff.


  • Work to create more jobs and clean industry, to keep our children and grandchildren employed here in Louisiana.


  • Work to improve our roads and infrastructure, and help find ways to alleviate traffic congestion


  • Work to get funds to improve drainage and alleviate flooding, and continue work with the Amite River Basin Commission to get solutions for District 64


  • Oppose burdensome taxes on small businesses and families


  • Protect our children from liberal policies and harmful procedures


  • Fight to keep us One Nation Under God, while protecting the unborn and the elderly. And, provide better benefits for our Veterans who have fought for our freedom.


  • Fight against unnecessary Government mandates that shut down Churches, Schools, and Small Businesses. 

  • BE UNCOMMON....."Simply Stand Up for what is Right!"


Hennessy's Heroes 

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